Howard Morhaim

After several years as a line editor, book doctor and acquisitions editor at different New York publishing houses, Howard Morhaim established a literary agency in 1979. Because of his editing background, he quickly developed a reputation as an agent who works very closely with his clients, giving detailed manuscript feedback and proposal development. At the same time, the agency also became known for representing the best of writers working in a very wide range of fiction and nonfiction. We represent writers working at the top of their respective fields, and a more eclectic list would be hard to find.

Owing to a very full plate, Howard Morhaim is not accepting unsolicited submissions, but only submissions that come as recommendations from colleagues or clients.

Kate McKean

KATE MCKEAN IS CLOSED TO SUBMISSIONS (as of December 1st, 2015).

Kate McKean is Vice-President and Literary Agent at HMLA, where she has been an agent for over 8 years. She earned her masters in fiction writing at the University of Southern Mississippi and began her publishing career at the University Press of Florida.

Her interests lie in:

Fiction, for adults: Contemporary romance, contemporary women's fiction, literary fiction, historical fiction set in the 20th Century, high fantasy, magical realism, science fiction.

And for children/teens: Middle grade, young adult in the areas of mystery, thriller, horror, romance, LGBTQ issues, contemporary fiction, sports, magical realism, fantasy, and science fiction.

Non-Fiction, for adults or children/teens: Books by authors with demonstrable platforms in the areas of sports, food writing, humor, design, creativity, and craft (sewing, knitting, etc.). Narrative Non-fiction by authors with or without an established platform. Some memoir.

She is NOT actively looking for, among other areas not listed above, novellas, poetry, screenplays or children's picture books.

DongWon Song

DongWon Song was formerly an editor at Orbit, an imprint of the Hachette Book Group. He was the first hire at a publishing startup, Zola Books, and while there oversaw content and eventually became the head of product for the ecommerce and ebook apps. He is a graduate of Duke University and joined HMLA in 2015.

He is looking for science fiction and fantasy fiction. He is also interested in non-fiction, especially food writing, science, and pop-culture.


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